Auntie Marie Muffins ready for delivery

Auntie Marie Muffins ready for delivery
The treats a horse just can't refuse! Sweet feed molasses muffins!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's not just a treat- it's therapy

As a Registered Veterinary Technician, a large part of my job is to feed animals that are in the hospital requiring nursing care. From Cats to Clydesdale's nutrition is an important part of keeping a body going. Sometimes in severe refusal of food from a patient,we as nursing staff find ourselves feeding whatever it takes to get their appetites stimulated.

I also find that this part of my job provides the caretakers with a certain level of therapy in itself. The act of caring is a joyous and special role that we can provide other living beings in this life, and there is no greater joy than seeing that sick little anorexic cat take its first lick of food in days. This goes the same for feeding larger animal patients such as our beloved horses.

Auntie Maries Homemade Muffins are not a sole source of diet, but they are certainly tasty little specimens. Perhaps not to be fed to sick patients unless okayed by your veterinarian first. However, even the pickiest of eaters may take delight in chewing a sweet molasses muffin...

One thing is for certain, for the caretakers of our beloved animal friends, feeding treats is therapy, and as you can read in this article, taking care of animals provides care for them, but also helps us in so many ways. What a special relationship!

Horses Help Kids with Emotional and Behavioural Issues

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