Auntie Marie Muffins ready for delivery

Auntie Marie Muffins ready for delivery
The treats a horse just can't refuse! Sweet feed molasses muffins!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

More fun while learning very important things!

This past weekend, I was able to attend a Technical Large Animal Rescue Course.

It was fantastic!  This course was attended by horse owners, medical personnel, firefighters, police officers, veterinarian, veterinary technicians, equine first aid personnel, equine Guelph staff, SPCA personnel.

As an awareness level course, we were introduced to some predicaments that happen with large animals, and some of the key important safety measures to ensure that the animals' welfare is looked after, but also the people responsible for "rescuing" are looked after.

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez was the host. She travels around the world sharing her experiences and expertise with Large Animal Rescues. She is a fantastic speaker and has the perfect combination of hands-on with course presentation.

I highly recommend attending one of her seminars if you ever hear she will be coming to a place near you.

For more information visit their website:  TLAER

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