Auntie Marie Muffins ready for delivery

Auntie Marie Muffins ready for delivery
The treats a horse just can't refuse! Sweet feed molasses muffins!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Making a difference, one muffin at a time!

It's so important to support the efforts of people who are making a positive impact in our communities. That's why Auntie Marie's Kitchen has chosen to contribute 10% of all muffin sales to go back to the horse community-specifically to horse welfare groups.

In December, Auntie Marie's Kitchen chose to push some of these proceeds to support a little Donkey friend named, Murphy. Murphy is a resident of the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada and was listed as one of the donkeys in need on the Sanctuary's website.

All it takes is a quick visit to their website at and you can choose to sponsor a Donkey of your own. With a one time contribution you can ensure that the needs of a donkey are looked after for an entire year! There are also other ways you can help out. Check it out!

Let's make a difference together! The more muffins we sell, the more we can donate back to horses and people who need it.

Be a supporter of horse welfare, and in the meantime- you can reward and treat your horse with the scrumptious taste of sweet molasses muffins!

Talk to us to order a bag today.

Happy muffin munching!


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